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Residential Services


Quality Heating offers a wide array of residential heating and cooling solutions.  Click on the links below to learn more about each product and service:

At Quality Heating we think about you. The comfort of your home is important to the whole family. At the same time, the system should be almost invisible and certainly very quiet. That’s why our team takes the time to find out about your family’s needs and what makes them comfortable.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about a new heating and cooling system for your home. The answers make a difference in selecting the system that’s just right for you.

  • Does your heating and air conditioning bills seem too high?
  • Are your heating/cooling units too noisy?
  • Do you have a problem with humidity in the summer? Dry air in the winter?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Does cooking odors linger in the air?
  • Does your furnace run all the time or short cycle on and off?

If the answer to any or several of these questions is yes, be sure to ask about a Trane comfort matched system with components that are completely integrated to deliver an ideal home environment, enhancing livability room-by-room. .

We Know That Details Count

  • We offer highly efficient equipment and engineered airtight duct systems to deliver the energy saving heating and cooling systems that you expect.
  • Our engineered ductwork systems are custom designed on paper and then fined-tuned on site.
  • All Quality Heating systems are engineered with a room-by-room heat loss/heat gain analysis, and we include a manual D duct design on all complete new installations.
  • Our factory-trained installation technicians take special care to protect your home during the installation process. And, we clean up thoroughly when we’re done!
  • Special Financing for 12 months with approved credit.

Whether your project is replacing an older system or looking for the latest heating and cooling technologies for your new custom home, your total comfort is our number one priority. And, we work hard to make sure those expectations are met on every level of the job! That’s why we complete a Quality Job Audit every time!

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying
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Quality Heating stands by its products and services with one of the best warranties in the industry. We offer a limited lifetime warranty against all defects in materials or workmanship, in all the following items, from the date the equipment is placed into operation. If we install it, it’s under our warranty!

  • All ductwork.
  • All ductwork insulation.
  • All sheet metal straps, clamps, fasteners, hangers, locks and drives.
  • All condensate drain piping hangers and fittings.
  • All high voltage electrical wiring, conduit, fitting straps, clams and terminal connectors.
  • All low voltage electrical wiring, wire nuts, straps, ties and connectors.
  • All refrigerant piping is guaranteed to be leak free. (Warranty does not include costs associated with gaining access to underground or other inaccessible piping.)
  • All refrigerant piping insulation.
  • All equipment pads, stands, jacks and vibration elimination devices.

Proper Maintenance Is Required For Trane's Warranty
In addition to the Quality Heating warranty, we also offer Trane's 10 year extended parts & labor warranty. The only requirement to keep this warranty protection in force for the full 10 years is to renew your annual maintenance program when due and keep up with proper maintenance.


At Quality Heating, we're proud to represent Trane products that give our customers the most value for their heating and cooling dollar. Take our XL20i and XL16i air conditioners, which are among the most energy efficient air conditioners you can buy. This means a higher level of efficiency and more savings for you.

Not only do Trane systems meet the government standard; in many cases, they exceed it. SEER ratings are a lot like miles per gallon in cars. The higher the rating, the more efficient—and the more money you save. When all of the components of your heating and cooling system are properly combined in what is called a “matched system," they will work seamlessly together to deliver maximum performance.

But, there's another standard of efficiency to which we hold our products, one that's just as important.

We offer sealed air tight duct systems.  We are PTCS certified (Performance Tested Comfort Systems) contractor.  This is a program sponsored by Boneville power.

Calculating Comfort
Most homes today are heated and cooled by units that are too big for the home. Many are also too small. When an air conditioner or heat pump system is not the proper size (capacity) for a home, an array of problems can result. Temperatures might be uneven. Units might not run long enough to properly control humidity. Units that are not running at peak performance often encounter more maintenance problems over time. The money you think you might be saving may be reduced, because with units that are too big, you're essentially paying to heat or cool space that isn't there.

Quality Heating has experts in proper load calculation. We do a thorough evaluation of your home or building and then recommend the right products for your space and needs. Call us today to learn more about how our products and services can maximize your energy efficiency. Here are some tools from Energy Star to assist you.

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